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Three Common Kinds Of Medical Transports

Medical Transports are frequently used to transport non-emergency patients between hospitals. The reason for this may be that the patient is too sick to travel on their own, or because they are in need of medication while they are in transport. In addition, medical transport is very useful for patients may have a medical emergency during transport, and so they will need transport that is fast and has a medical professional present. There are three common kinds of medical transports including long-distance air travel, medium distance helicopter transports, and local ambulances.

medical transportFor patients who need to travel long distances, it is best to use air travel. The process of doing this involves taking the patient to an airport by either helicopter or by ambulance. The patient can then be put on a special plane that is owned by the medical transports company. This plane is outfitted with a large amount of medical equipment, will have a medical staff aboard the plane that can include a doctor, and the pilots are able to land the plane at the nearest hospital in the event of an emergency. In other cases, medical transport may involve flying on a commercial airliner that is outfitted with a hospital bed and equipment. This is especially a common amount of people who need to travel internationally.

The second kind of medical transports is by helicopter. This kind of medical transports are commonly done for travel between cities. This major advantage of doing this is that it allows for one to get the trip over with as quickly as possible, and it means that the patient does not need to be moved between multiple vehicles. This kind of medical transports are commonly used on patients who are in need of a specialized surgery at a different hospital, and transporting them by ambulance would simply be too risky.

The third kind of medical transports is those that are used to transport people inside of a town or local area. These kinds of medical transports are used to take people between hospitals and are very frequently used to take the elderly to hospital. These medical transports are much cheaper than air transports, and so they are a good option for persons who are not in a major emergency. The ambulances are able to offer a smooth ride where the patient can remain in bed. In addition, they allow for medical staff to be present, and the patient can continue to receive such things as traction and IV fluids.