ambulance transport

I Used A Medical Transport To Get Home

I was recently on vacation in France and ended up being injured as a result of a car accident. I found myself in a French hospital, and I was going to have to wait for several weeks until I could get out of bed. After that, I would be on crutches, and it would be difficult for me to sit on a plane.

I wanted to get home and recover from my friends and family. I decided that the best thing for me to do was to use a medical transport. I was able to find a transport company that does international medical transports. They handled the job of booking a plane and making arrangements for me to check into a hospital in my home town. They then put me in an ambulance and drove me for the small town I was staying at to the nearest international airport. I was able to stay in a hospital bed during the flight, and a nurse stayed with me in order to make sure that there was no problems. I was even able to have people wheel me through the airport during the two plane changes I had to go through.

Once I got to my hometown, they took me to a waiting ambulance. I was then driven to the hospital and was much more comfortable during the remaining two weeks of bedridden recovery.