Emergency Services

Basic Emergency Services

Medical transports provide a variety of emergency services for the community that they serve. This means that they are the first responders to most emergencies, and find themselves acting in concert with other emergency services. 


This can put them in some interesting situations as they help police when it comes to dealing with crime victims, making them potential witnesses to at least the secondary effects of the crime itself. They also back up fire control services in helping the firemen deal with the victims of the fire. However, they are not limited to playing support.


EMT’s bring their own skills to the table. They are not secondary medics as police and firemen are, and sometimes bring more to the situation than just the basic skills. They also add in the skills of race car drivers with a knowledge of the surface streets; this makes them faster than police because they are not as worried about having to deal with being shot at, at least usually.


A good percentage of EMT’s ae also medical students attempting to get on the job training, giving them better than average skills when it comes to dealing with medical emergencies. They are also the most likely to deal with people as people do not have the usual issues with authorities they do with other responders. Because of this they can deal with a wide variety of situations and making them indispensable in emergency situations.

Using An Ambulance As An Emergency Hospital

An ambulance can be used in a variety of different modes, especially given how it is usually supplied. One great use is to deploy it to evacuation locations or other places that may have victims of disasters. In the case of an emergency, it may not be a bad idea to have the ambulance where the emergency is so that it can act as a triage station. While it may not have the full supplies of a hospital, it does have enough supplies to last for a while assuming that they deal with minor emergencies. Not only does this mean the evacuation is able to deal with minor injuries better, but it also means that it can take some of the pressure off the local hospital.

The ambulances attached to a particular hospital can thus serve a double function. They can serve as emergency vehicles until things calm down a little, and then as floating medical stations after. This allows the hospital to use the ambulances to maximum effectiveness during an emergency as well as to have them near a potential emergency where it has the greatest possibility of happening, thus minimizing transport as well. This helps to limit the potential secondary damage of the disaster as well as provide a little morale for those in the evacuation center. Overall, it is not a bad idea to help with a variety of different potential problems and save lives at the same time.

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