Business of Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation business is one of the fastest growing areas in the US economy. Serving mostly the senior citizens, veterans and other people living with disabilities, the service is definitely bound to grow more in the next few years. Many people living with disabilities require transportation for doctors visits and appointments. Others need transportation for surgeries, and other allied medical needs. The list is endless. This is where medical transportation service comes in. They arrange with individuals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, group homes and other medical facilities looking to provide transportation for their clients.

medical transportation services

These medical transportation vehicles are equipped with the right machinery to take on persons who use wheelchairs. This means that these vehicles have been redesigned for these particular means. Wheelchair place holders have been properly installed to ensure for the save conveyance of the persons riding these buses. While the type of transportation may be mostly buses that can accommodate at lease one rider on wheelchair, other smaller types of vehicles exist for people who do not require wheelchair assistance.

Ambulance services also provide a great service to cities and towns. They save a ton of lives daily. By following the steps of the Star of Life they give each patient the care they need to survive. State to state medical transportation is also available.

ACC Medlink is the industry leader in long distance ambulance transport & general medical transport services (minimum distance of 200 miles). Their medical transportation fleet is second to none. ACC Medlink  operates large, state of the art Mercedes Benz Sprinter transporters that are specially configured to function as a hospital room on wheels for the ultimate in luxury and comfort for their patients.

The billing and payment for the use of these vehicles are varied. Some users pay out of pocket monthly or weekly depending on the payment arrangement plan while others are financed by the state and payment plan may be a little bit more complicated. For those looking to venture into the business of medical transportation, there are several steps and procedures to follow and strict adherence is encouraged. For example, one cannot just wake up one morning and start a medical transportation service simple because you know how to dive or own a minibus. The requirements are more that just those two options.

non-emergency medical transportation

First, you will need to register a business name and file your company name with the right body via your states Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Once that is in place then you will have to fulfill other requirements which includes but are not limited to a class A Driver’s license to prove that have excellent driving records which is the number criteria. Secondly, you will want to make sure that all other requirements to obtain a license have been properly put in place to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Drug test, background checks and criminal history all form part of the checks that will be performed on anybody intending to own such a business or even driving persons with disabilities needing services.